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2015-11-11 15.05.17Excellence in the performing arts has been a trademark of Long Trail School for over thirty years. Prior to the opening of our new theater in 2002, the school was fortunate to perform at the Dorset Playhouse.

Our award-winning theatre program provides students with an inspiring and supportive venue to explore the crafts of acting, improvising, and directing. Students explore the deepest facets of imagination and spirit, as they learn to trust and connect with others and foster creativity within.

Our Middle School Drama course introduces younger students to the fundamentals of acting where they have the opportunity to work with upper class student directors as well as their teachers.

At the Upper School, various acting techniques are explored including Meisner and Stanislavsky. Students may also take courses on directing, learning the significance of set design, blocking, in-depth character and script analysis, and how to direct other students in scenes and short plays.

Each year, the fall musical and the one-act play in March produced on the Long Trail stage are some of the most anxiously anticipated events on the school calendar.

Each drama production offers an exceptional experience for all members.  Every aspect of each production is open to student involvement, whether it is performing on stage, playing in the pit, working on a backstage crew, constructing and painting the set, or providing technical support on lights and sound.


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